Are You Thirsty?

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Peter 3:18 states that we should “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.“ Based off of that scripture, we created Are You Thirsty? 

The object lesson goes as the following: Reach into a brown paper bag and pull out a burger, fries, and small drinking straw. Have you ever been thirsty, like really thirsty? What is your favorite drink to have when you are really thirsty? Have you ever been thirsty for the things of God? Place the small straw into the bag. We need to be thirsty for the things of God. At the end of the story you reach back into the bag and the small straw had turned into a large 8 Foot straw (yes you read that right...8 FOOT)! This object lesson is certain to create a WOW moment with your group! 

Set includes: 
- 1 burger prop 
- 1 fries prop 
- 1 small straw 
- 1 brown paper bag 
- 1 giant 8 foot appearing straw 
- Step by step instructions