Bible Coloring Book

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In addition to being a very entertaining trick, you can tell the beautiful story of Jesus from His birth to the empty tomb with this Bible Coloring Book. 

The illustration would go as follows: A Bible Coloring Book is freely shown. The pages are fanned both ways and shown to be absolutely blank on both sides. The performer explains that many people lead empty lives. The performer then fans the pages showing that the blank pages are now printed with black and white drawings of the Christian story from the Babe in the Manger to the Empty Tomb. Next the performer goes on to explain that if a person reads the word of God they will find many wonderful stories about our Lord and Savior, but once they know and accept Jesus as their personal Savior, He will fill their life with more beauty than they can imagine. At this time the performer fans the pages and the pictures of the Christian story are now shown to be in full color. 
Note: The pages can be run both ways in the book and make three complete changes. 

Set includes: 
- 1 Bible Coloring Book 
- Step by step instructions