Douglas Talks: 50 Videos

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Join Douglas as he explains Biblical truths in a way that’s fun and easy to understand! Even adults can’t help but enjoy his unique style of storytelling. This bundle includes FIFTY short, high-definition videos, each on a different Biblical topic. Each video is normally $10, but when you buy this bundle you’ll be getting them for only $2 each! Here are all of the topics you’ll find in this Douglas Talks bundle:

The Body of Christ, Bravery*, The Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, Fill Your Mind with Good Things, The Firm Foundation, Forgiveness*, Freedom in Christ, Generosity, The Good Shepherd, Gratitude, The Greatest Gift*, Handcrafted by God, How to Pray, Imitating Christ*, Jesus’ Resurrection, Jesus’ Sacrifice, Letting your Light Shine*, Loving Your Neighbor*, My New Year’s Resolution, The Nativity*, Obedience*, Origins of Santa, Rooted in Christ, Standing Up for Your Faith*, Stewardship, Taking Care of the World, Taking Care of Yourself*, Trusting God, What to Do When You’re Afraid, The Wisemen.

You’ll also find:

The Fruit of the Spirit:

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control

The Ten Commandments:

1 No God but God, 2 Don’t Worship Idols, 3 Don’t Misuse God’s Name, 4 The Sabbath, 5 Honor Your Parents, 6 Don’t Murder, 7 Don’t Commit Adultery, 8 Don’t Steal, 9 Don’t Lie, 10 Don’t Covet

All of these videos are high definition, and the average runtime is five minutes long. Visit our Watch Page to sample all of these videos, and more.

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*Videos marked with an * are 720p, all others are 1080p