Slush Powder

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This lesson illustrates the power of FAITH! The basis scripture is found in James 2:18 which says, “...and I will show you my faith by what I do.“ We show faith by what we do! How we act! Slush powder can be utilized so many different ways. This can be done anywhere that you have a cup and some water. 

The lesson would go as follows: Taking an empty cup, you begin to pour a liquid into the cup. “What will happen when I turn it over?“ Most will shout that the water will spill out of the cup. You explain to the audience that you can simply make the water "disappear" but they have to have faith to find out! You turn the cup over and miraculously nothing falls out of the cup. 

Set Includes: 
- One 2-ounce container of Slush Powder 
- Step by step instructions + extra lesson!