Timothy T. Turtle

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This lesson illustrates the basics of the Roman Road and the meanings of the Colors of Salvation. Each color takes you one step further in understanding the gift of Salvation. Thoroughly explaining the famous scripture, John 3:16: "For God so loved the world that He gave his ONLY Son."

The lesson would go as follows: Show little Timothy T. Turtle with his shell all dull and colorless. Place Timothy and 6 brightly colored silks into a change bag. In a flash they change into a bright colorful 18\" Timothy T. Turtle kneeling at the cross silk. 

Set includes:
- One 6 inch Timothy T. Turtle silk with colorless shell 
- Six 3 inch colored silks 
- One 18 inch bright colorful Timothy T. Turtle kneeling at the cross silk. 
- Step by step instructions 

***Change Bag Not Included. Sold Separately***